Running Room Indoor Games

Sport activities are available to students at various times of the day and year.  Some of the competitive Inter-School activities offered are:

September   Fall Golf Tournament Grades 5/6


Volleyball (Camrose Elementary Association)

Volleyball (EICS Sport Council Association)

Grade 5

Grade 6

January - March      

Basketball (Camrose Elementary Association)

Basketball (EICS Sport Council Association)

Grades 4/5

Grade 6


Running Room Indoor Games @ U of A 

Grades 5/6 


Curling (EICS Sport Council Association)

Grades 5/6


Badminton Tournament (EICS Sport Council Association)

Grades 5/6


School Track Meet

City Track Meet (Camrose Elementary Association)

City Track Meet (competing with Charlie Killiam)   

Grades 1-6

Grades 2-5

Grades 6




 It is a requirement that students who attend these activities will have consistently demonstrated acceptable school behaviour. 

We acknowledge that the staff members who organize and lead these activities are doing so on their own time.